Vintage fashion trends women are always popular in all seasons throughout the year. Whenever you feel trapped in the cramped fashion rules try to choose this style for the locker f5. They will be suitable choice for sophisticated street style that retains its own style. Here are 8 tips for you:

Tweed blazer jacket

For an elegant fashion personality but then the knitted cardigan or jacket and tweed will give you a look of elegance and sophistication. Like Jane Aldrige fashion blogger, you can mix sports jacket with classic patterns and elegant nuances of your skin tone. Tweed brings classic beauty and modern challenge if you mix with a skinny jeans, accessories, gold, or even a pair of shoes like Jane trendy choice.

vintage dresses

A classic dress(red formal dresses), shiny, reddish color, red-orange, brown, camel and even green can make your street style fashion and more feminine. Think about the choices as men, polka dots, stripes, textures ... evokes classic beauty without outmoded. Do set your items stand out by mixing extra chunky necklaces, rings classic peep-toe shoes and even a vintage bag.

Crop top

Compared with the trend in the 1980s croprop, croptop now be designed in a more complex way. You can wear them with skirts flying, palazzo pants, skirt-waist and pencil skirt will balance the body curves. Like Jane, you can mix croptop midi skirt.

Jeans and denim culottes

Denim jeans can be a timeless weak without knowing the season, but the choice for frayed pants style silver tassels will help you more impressive. Like Jane, add some color highlights items such as seven-color shirt, jacket colorful flowers with vintage denim skirt.

Vintage jumpsuit

Vintage jumpsuit fashion item is cool you can choose for the summer. This dress( can replace jeans and simple shirts yours. Just choose jumpsuit fit, monochrome or motifs. Me mix with modern sports shoes or belts and vintage handbags. Typically, the olive green tint, sepia, red-orange, as well as the classical model would be a great choice, outstanding.

Plaid texture

These outfits stylish plaid patterns are also a classic-style items great for you in this summer. Choose neutral prints include black and white, or gingham prints with nude color, brown style also helps you more. In addition to black and white plaid trendy, you can also choose navy blue or red plush and modern.

Skirts fly

Feminine, chic and sweet, skirt flying with gentle chiffon material is excellent choice for your vintage style without obsolete for street style. Like Jane Aldridge, you can choose pastel colored pink, blue, yellow and peach to bring your feminine beauty.

Accessories Vintage


If you are not a fan of the classic costume, just choose a few accessories, vintage, such as wooden rings, necklaces, leather bags, satchel bags, woven belts, round earrings, silk scarf. .. Indeed, the vintage is one of the ways f5 help you fashion, femininity and a more prominent when down the street.