No getting around it, the Spring will be beautiful but it puts us to the test when it comes to choosing shoes to wear. Still not hot enough to dare sandals, or at least not from morning to evening, after sunset fact temperatures often fall dramatically and we women, you know, we are incurably chilly (not just romantic).

The dancers, who for those who love the heels are not considered "real shoes" and when you ask the men say "everything except the dancers", are actually our salvation. Low, practical, not too much and not too elegant sports, lend themselves to any kind of outfits and can also be anything but trivial. Let's see the most trendy models for Spring(


Ballet shoes with laces

Impossible not to have noticed the super trend that wants the shoes laced up to the ankle. A cheeky and chic style that is fine a bit 'all, mind you "a little' 'because it really tends to make legs slightly shorter than they are. Therefore, unsuitable for those with sturdy calves and ankles. Furthermore these models, suited to short dresses or just above the knee, absolutely not instead of longuette or culotte pants (unless you have the legs of Gisele Bundchen).

Ballet shoes with ankle strap

Bonton and romantic, ballerinas with ankle strap lend themselves to different types of outfits: perfect with skinny jeans and white shirt, for example, for a casual look, but style, but also with a romantic dress(Princess Formal Dresses) or a minimal super. Whatever your style these shoes will prove useful in more than one occasion, also perfect for a job interview or a ceremony in which you want to feel elegant but comfortable.

Tango Dancers (or tip)


Miu Miu has risdoganato even the most classical dancer pattern that is typical of the footwear used for dance and made them decidedly rock embellish it with elastic straps on the instep covered in studs, and fabric laces, non-modest sum of 550 euro. But if this is the model you prefer, for spring you will find many proposals in bright colors or pastel colors, decorated with bows or stones to give that extra touch to our look. Hottest classic models though are pointed, often not very comfortable, but if beautiful (or fashionable you want to look) ...