Cos was one of the latest fashion brands in showing their Spring-Summer 2016 campaign last February. With the California desert as a backdrop, the company presents a modern and functional fashion in which are important both forms and fluidity.

Cos has opted in its new Spring-Summer 2016 by a palette of soothing, organic colors. Stone, sand and white are presented as the best alternative to easily build casual outfits(formal dresses australia) for day to day cut. Besides these, it also takes a leading role denim.

Cos patterns are discernible from the rest of signatures. Are clean patterns it shows that the "simplicity" is not at odds with elegance. The firm has managed to retain its identity without ceasing to be renewed every season and that today is the less remarkable.


What can we find in the new collection of Cos? They emphasize their garments cut-out, very striking for their cross-marked patterns and futuristic accent. Nor they go unnoticed dresses and skirts from the new collection; especially those midi slightly flared cut with cover on the front.


This type of skirt, slightly structured, is combined in the new campaign with very feminine blouses with puffed sleeves and romantic. Cos also bet on other skirt, cut long and fluid. Skirt combined with very light bodies with straps backless(backless formal dresses).


Dresses and skirts hog the limelight in the new season Spring-Summer 2016 Cos And although we can not see them in their new campaign in the lookbook of the new collection also outfits with pants whether these fluids or culottes wide leg.

In addition to the clothes and how to combine them, we have also drawn attention Bezzia flat sandals by betting the firm in its new campaign. White and cords can become a great ally this summer. Do you like Cos proposals?