The couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga Getaria was the one who shot to fame lace, fine material used massively and which took several collections in Paris. In the treatment of this material creativity, art, craft and innovation capacity, values ​​demonstrated Balenciaga merge. Therefore, the Museum Getaria, in collaboration with the Cité Internationale de la Dentelle et de la Mode de Calais (France), presents the exhibition Balenciaga, through the lace, which will remain in the center until 18 September. In addition, it is the first international co-production of the museum, which this year celebrates five years and also has the support of Donostia 2016 thanks to the Conversations project.

The exhibition, curated by Catherine Join-Dieterle, is divided into three rooms and highlights the importance of lace in the creations of the couturier, who exploded all options offered by the material, creating cocktail dresses, gala, and even stoles , blankets and hats. Nothing access the shows, visitors can see the first dresses in which he used the lace. "His first creations are in tulle and black color, in playing with transparency," said Igor Uria, director of collections and curator of the Museum Balenciaga exposure associated with Shazia Boucher, curator of the Museum of Calais. Yesterday, during a guided tour, they stressed that Balenciaga showed that lace can be at different times of the day.

Three halls full of fashion

The exhibition has three educational areas where you can touch the material or tested reproductions of some of his designs

The first room shows the different ways in which Balenciaga used this material as a lace dress that has an embroidery made with gimp or other dress floral motif getting a very accomplished by folding the lace. "In World War II, he was forced to reduce the use of this material, because it was used massively; then created pieces with tulle, which added lace strips zigzag "Boucher said when talking about another piece.

In the second room, visitors can appreciate the use of lace depending on the social coding, and respecting the rules of what could wear in every occasion. For example, the room contains several models dressed and made up jackets as they could not go to cocktail parties with bare shoulders. "In addition, a large collection of cocktail dresses that have ties to give them light spots shown" Uria said. There are also accessories like hats and caps, shawls, stoles and sleeves.

Finally, in the third room you can admire spectacular evening dresses of all styles, from some that make the silhouette to other bulkier. will also be screened in this room a video that shows how the machine is constructed fits addition to the applications that had this material. "We show unique dresses(unique formal dresses) that have an opaque background, which have been added lace cuts," said Boucher.

The Balenciaga Museum is developing its educational project, a task which has also been enhanced in this new exhibition. Visitors not only observe the exhibits, but may be between different types of lace hands, play with photos and create different silhouettes and even try on dresses reproductions of two designs of Balenciaga. "We want to reinforce a culture of fashion," said Miren Vives, director of the museum, who noted that pedagogy is becoming increasingly important in the middle.

Shazia Boucher, meanwhile, said that collaboration has been "a wonderful adventure" and recalled that the sample has already been to Calais in 2015, where the French government called it a national interest. "This exhibition shows about all the modernity of the work of Balenciaga, something that new generations are very sensitive, so it is an important legacy," said French.