"If you like fashion, this is the perfect place to meet in its entirety and hand the best site. Come and enjoy". So seductive is the message that launches Ruben Gil, author of the new Campus Fashion, a pre-university course for young people between 15 and 18 years who dream they want to make a career in this sector.

"Our ultimate goal is to change the lives of boys and girls who attend. We want to expose our students to excellence, to the best, to get them better so they have inside. We want to understand the world of fashion and discover what area within that world to which want to spend. "

In the project are involved the Association of Creators of Spain (ACME), the Fashion Studies Institute and the University of Francisco de Vitoria and will be formed on different aspects of fashion, such as design, marketing, industry, communication ... The idea is to form to open a real door into the working world.(ivory formal dresses)

"The part of the design is important, but also others such as the marketing mix (Product, Price, Distribution and Communication off and online), branding and licensing, where we will focus. We want our students to receive such training 360 to help them understand fashion as a whole and can choose where to direct his steps into this exciting world. "


For this feature fashion professionals from the business sector, business or design and supported by famous Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Roberto Torretta and Juan Duyos. "We tell them our experiences and they will reveal to us their hopes and dreams, a very enriching experience, because fashion and drinks lives of young people, street," says the designer to EFE.

Ruben Gil says "was the key support of ACME and especially its president Modesto Lomba." The designer believed from the beginning in this project and helped shape. "The fashion industry generates 2.8 percent of GDP, above agriculture and fisheries," says Pepa Bueno, executive director of ACME, to EFE.

A figure which, according to Carmen Martin (EFE) reflects a significant number of professionals in the sector and that demand a young quarry that nurtures the value chain of the industry, consisting of offices ranging from fashion buyer to chemical, through lawyers, cazatendencias or pattern makers.

"Spain fashion is very powerful," says Ignacio Sierra, corporate CEO of Cortefiel Group, which warns that in this business you have to know everything, "from the cost of the fabric to what it costs to place a garment shop".(formal dresses melbourne)

Do not miss the view known bloggers to publicize the operation and potential of social networks. A great weapon today for all sectors of fashion.


"The influencers are still very important when it comes to democratize access to the fashion of the young. The boys and girls from an early age, thanks to the social influencers, acquire interest in fashion and that is key. Social networks are a very important form of expression and a chance for the younger generation to express what is fashion for them, as they understand and share these visions with the world.


"The preparation and the importance that must be given to the opinions vary as much as those who give that opinion. Everyone should be responsible for what he says, and also to be critical to assess what is said by others."