For more than an imitation resembles true, there will always be small details that differentiate them. It helps to have the skill to recognize a fake portfolio to make your purchases and do not be fooled. Knowing evaluate the quality of a portfolio, you can make better decisions when investing your money in a more durable product.

1. Look at the seams

This is a detail that designers fashion luxury brands do not pass unnoticed: the seams must be perfectes. This means no loose threads, seams are aligned and straight and in no way will be a variation of yarns or colors in the same seam.(DressesMall AU)

The same is true for the inside of the portfolio - the seams are going to be perfect and the material is going to be a fine cloth and not plastic.

2. Look at the color of the logo

The "LV" printed logos monogram bags must be clear and legible. You realize that a portfolio is imitation when letters are transparent medium and its color is not a dull gold.

3. Check the zippers and buckles

These should be square with rounded corners. The material and color are also important - original Louis Vuitton wallets make these details metal or gold and are usually gold or silver.

4. Check the price tag

... Because if you have, it's probably false. Imitations sellers usually add a card on the outside of the portfolio with the price, this is a bad sign. The original portfolios have hidden in a pocket of the portfolio prices.

In addition, using common sense, the portfolio should not be at an extremely cheap price. If you think the price is too good, probably the portfolio is imitated.(little black dress)

5. Compare the dubious model Louis Vuitton page

If the seller claims that the portfolio is the latest collection, this should appear on the official website of Louis Vuitton. It is not unusual that the model portfolio that you are trying to sell even exist.


Did you ever have tried to cheat by selling a portfolio of fake designer?