How are you? Now back to work worldwide and longing for the "agustito" we were on vacation right? Well, we can not fail because it has already begun spring and now the days are longer and it soon comes the good weather again, the sun shines and we start thinking about summer plans (although mine this year have a unique destination Madrid in August and is awaiting the arrival of my baby :)).

From Komosara, and to encourage you in this gray Monday we have, we want to show this wedding that delights the beholder and that, for many reasons. Wedding Nacho Leto and a hippie wedding in white and green.(

Leto and Nacho is one of those couples that everyone was willing to marry him. One of those couples who have been together since school, a story of life and as their own friends say, a love of truth.


They had spent more than 12 years together when they announced the news, and it was Lola parents and Nico. Spanish and he with her Mexican family, chose a wedding where they saw the two cultures is reflected and where its naturalness and way of life in general was the true leitmotiv of the day. "A wedding hippie style and very natural but perfect everywhere you look."

First they were married in Mexico, where they lived, so civil and months later in Spain by the Church that is when they celebrated.

A family farm in Sacedón (which also had named his first daughter Lola a few years), 250 Mexican guests and Spanish, a story of unparalleled love and some details that made this wedding a truly unique for all day.

The banquet was cocktail type stalls meat, ham, cheese, paella, sweet ... and also the waiters passed trays food. They made enough emphasis on the part of children as Lola and Nico were superimportante part in the wedding, for example, a position of sweets and ice cream. And superdetallazo the wedding cake made Leti, typical of biscuits and chocolate lifetime, because it is the favorite of Nacho.

They did sitting but that there was room so everyone could sit at low tables with tablecloth with benches made of straw bales.

All floral decoration was unified margaritas that they bought in a shop in the town of Sacedón: from the field of Leto centers tables and decoration ceremony.


All the guests had a dress code assigned. This part I love, 'and I had not seen this detail never !! white guayabera for them and for them green color. 10 all to the idea.

The bouquet was given to the three brothers Leti: Maria, Javi and Bea. And Nacho's sister, with the song of Tom Odell Another Love. After lunch Leti danced with her father Happy song, and then grabbed Nacho Leti and danced, I can feel it coming in the air tonight Phill Collins and also took dance Nacho Lola, and Nico Leti.

And finally, let's talk about the look of the bride, who remain true hippie style, we can not speak of his shoes because he was barefoot all the wedding (except for the ceremony at the request of his grandmother shod, hehe). Her dress( designed it her cousin Claudia Albiol, a suit of Greek cut white gauze and silver details on the bodice. He combed his hair and her makeup her friend Anita Pajares with a loose hairstyle and headdress jewel Child of wild. Groom, like all guests, with white guayabera and a Tom's shoes (we love this look).


Thanks to Leto and Nacho for sharing this beautiful with all of us and for allowing us Elena Arroyo Wedding photos.