The daughters of Barack Obama are now students. Who will soon leave the White House

Barack Obama had warned for the graduation ceremony of his daughter Malia, he was crying and hiding her tears behind dark glasses. "His high school was asked to speak at the podium, I said, 'No way!'" He said in January. See eldest leave the nest is heart-breaking. "Michelle often told that our job is to ensure that our daughters no longer need us. Malia and wants to leave, it's obvious. I'm not ready. It is one of my best friends. Do not have dinner in the evening at home, it will be hard. "Friday, June 10, the president of the United States is arrived at her daughter's school, the Sidwell Friends School, with his sunglasses he has not left behind. To show that he was there only as a father, he did not take "The Beast," the official limousine floating flag, but a "modest" Chevrolet Suburban. This did not prevent him from being followed by his escort of twenty-five official vehicles. But he settled in last place, accompanied by Michelle and her stepmother, among the other parents. When Malia, in a white robe, went to graduate from the hands of the headmaster of the school, he stood up and applauded. "We felt the pride of the father," says Roger Catlin, sitting nearby.(yellow formal dresses)

Malia and Sasha have no Facebook account and make their beds themselves


When Obama was elected in November 2008, Sasha and Malia were 7 and 10 years respectively. "In the days of Twitter and Instagram, they are the first" first daughters "who grew up under the threat of a Tweet embarrassing to their father. But there was no psychodrama. It is remarkable, "noted Gil Troy, professor at McGill University, specialist in the history of presidents and author of" The Age of Clinton: America in the 1990s. " With the exception of a photo posted on Snapchat wave where we guess drinking beer while she is not of legal age, Malia was never caught in the crime of rebellion. Michelle has seen to that. His great fear was that it becomes a spoiled child. But she found the antidote: a daily monitoring and iron discipline, all in respect of individual fulfillment. A large gap dare she knew without breakdown. Malia and Sasha have no Facebook account, make their beds themselves, but dress as they wish, have the right to go to sleep with the girlfriends and receive "home". "In a way, they had more freedom than we had feared," says the president.

The only notable incident occurred in 2014. At an official reception to celebrate the "pardon turkey" Thanksgiving, they too displayed their boredom. That day, the girls Obama were dressed in miniskirts little formal. Elizabeth Lauten, collaborator of a Republican congressman from Tennessee, is was moved. "Dear Sasha and Malia, I understand that you are both in those horrible teenage years. But you are part of the president's family, try to be class. [...] Dress to earn respect, not like pillars bar "did she exclaimed on his Facebook page. Instead of approvals, it sparked an outcry, was asked by his peers to apologize and had to resign. The message was clear: no key to Obama Girls!

Not touch the Obama Girls! Collaborator of a member had to resign after criticizing girls

What is striking in girls of the President, it is natural to them. A family quality, it is true. Sasha, the youngest, does not skimp on the bright colors and fixates on the flashy and staggered shoes. She was 11 when his father was re-elected in 2012. In his swearing in the Blue Lounge of the Presidency, she chose a large silver belt look great on her pink dress. "Good job, Dad! "Does loose while the microphones are still open. He added: "You do not plant you! "Malia, next, could not believe it.(dresses for wedding)

The real shock for Barack Obama was yet to come: "That's when I saw my daughter in high heels for the first time," he told last year. Malia had just turned 16, the age when, in the United States, teenagers have the right to pass their driving license to dance. She went to her "prom night", end of year prom. On March 10, Malia and Sasha attended by long gala dress to their first state dinner at the White House in honor of Justin Trudeau, Canada's new prime minister. That night, everyone realized that, really, they had grown up. Sasha also became a woman. Like her mother, she often wears outfits that showcase her beautifully drawn shoulders. Their complicity has come to light in this picture where we see Sasha talking to the handsome Ryan Reynolds as if she was in the process of dredging, under the approving eye of his sister, Thumbs Up. The photograph, taken by Pete Souza, the photographer Obama, and posted on the official website of the White House, shows great relaxation in the presidential family. "These are really great girls, not at all arrogant, grounded in reality, with some very nice friends," says the president at length interview. "And, he says, all the credit goes to Michelle. "

Barack Obama was unable to attend the funeral of Mohamed Ali

Friday 10 June, after the graduation of Malia, the whole family went to lunch at a famous restaurant in Georgetown, Cafe Milano. The reservation was made as the parents of one of the friends of Malia, who paid the bill. Again, they came discreetly. Well, almost ... The members of the secret service had broken an hour earlier. Lookouts settled in the middle of the street with huge binoculars to scan the surrounding rooftops. Two "tasters" ( "Food Agents") were posted in the kitchen to check the food preparation. "When we saw happen cake with strawberry and custard with a picture of four young daughters, Malia, planted on top, it was understood that the president was going to land", says the boss, Laurent Menoud, a French who used to receive dignitaries. Both girls chose Obama on the map of penne with tomato sauce and basil, grilled salmon Barack, Michelle of white chicken. They were fifteen in the private dining room upstairs, and stayed for a little over two hours, which is huge in a presidential agenda. Barack Obama was unable to attend the funeral of Mohamed Ali, which took place the same day. The family agenda also has its priorities. At the end of lunch, Malia made a little speech. She acknowledged that growing up in the White House was an "interesting experience" she had "appreciated". She's not one to marvel at the feats of his father, whose political stature does not impress.


Malia has the suspicious eyes of reasonable people. It also said the brain and competitive than the president. In 2009, she had wanted him when he publicly lamented his 14/20 for a review of the physical sciences. They had had a stormy discussion at the dinner table, and he had to apologize. This time he listened, "incredibly relaxed and happy", in the opinion of witnesses. This September, she will fly to other destinies. Then after a year, it will integrate the prestigious Harvard University, as both parents. Then the real adventure begins.