A rite of passage transforms every recording, a woman of the 21st century a lady of the 40s In the Globe Studios, almost daily, Mary Carol Rebello spends three hours camouflaging its contemporary features - like the five tattoos, including one that embraces the entire back - to receive the makeup, hair and costume Olga, her character in "Êta good world." What is external, by the way, it is only a part of what distance the artist from his role. Behind the scenes of this fashion shoot, which poses with options of leather pieces for hot days, Mary Carol reveals even more different from Olga does not dream to marry and defends the right of women to exercise any profession without prejudice.(Front Slit dresses)

- Olga is a time when women were much more prey than today. She lies, pretending to be a teacher, to hide which is the dancer Dancing Taxi. All because of other people's opinions. In the 40s, the dancers were very viewed with suspicion. Even today, some still are, right? And that's a shame - regrets the brunette, who turns 33 years tomorrow.

Not be facing this kind of prejudgment is cause for celebration, but also of reflection for Maria Carol. Her grandmother, Hilda Rebello, 91, had to stop the dream of artistic career and saw forward to the cutting and sewing school for the parent orientation. More than 50 years later, at 70, she won her record as an actress. The feat earned him a record in the "Book of World Records" in 1994 as the oldest Brazilian artist to begin work in interpretation. The granddaughter explains the influence of family background of nuances in your life and in the creation of Manoa daughter, 10 years:

Maria Carol Rebello diz que não sonha com casamento como sua personagem

- Being an actress, to society, it was something of a prostitute. But my grandfather, on the other hand, had everything to be a tough guy, a square face ... But he was conscious and spiritual. Show the way for her to open her head. This influenced our relationship at home and like me and my brother (actor John Rebello) we raise our children. No need to pretend to be one thing and another. Everything is very clear. Once you have happiness. While you can not be free, it does not.

With the same desire to release the bonds, the daughter of artistic producer Maria Rebello and Jorge Fernando director niece she had her rebellious phase. After having acted in soap operas such as "Vamp" (1991) and "Once Upon a Time" (1998), in childhood and adolescence, she resisted surrendering to the art of acting.

- In the vestibular time, I said: "I do not want! Why do I have to follow artistic career? I will do another college. " I graduated in fashion, worked with costumes for a few years, but the work always came to mind. Then I went to Nutrition. I attended a period, became pregnant and later gave not to run - takes over.(http://www.dressesmallau.co/yellow-formal-dresses-c172/)

Twenty-five years after facing the first cameras, Carol still faces comparisons to Uncle Jorge Fernando, director of "Êta good world", which started on TV as an actor. In Rio's point of view, the association has two sides:

- There is a personal collection of wanting to match what it is. Not be better, because each has its luster, but want to learn. It's too tasty when we have this exchange at home. But I know that comparing people can hinder me too. It is obvious that if my uncle can, will give me opportunities. But I always did tests for the roles. There is no longer that of a director cast someone for a job just for being a friend or relative. Me or to anyone. If so, I could be better, but I prefer to climb my way.

In evaluating its history, interpreter Olga realizes that the course still possible to know new shortcuts. The character of the plot of the six, novel responsible for raising the time of the hearing in all regions of Brazil, gave the actress the opportunity to test the first time her sensuality on screen.


- I had never done a woman who exploited both the body. Olga has a demure, hidden part, but the Taxi Dancing uses a batonzão, neck ... - describes the girl of 1,58m and 52kg, admitting redouble body care to appear elegant in the video: - I'm not neurotic, but I take care of me. It is a concern of all the actresses who make TV. I love to eat crap but I hold. I also do gym and practice fabric, in addition to dance ballet and jazz. I always try to be with the body in motion.