This year and modal brand designer celebrates five years of existence. It has precise plans for further development. They include foreign expansion.

The debut show of clothes collection Robert Kupisz took place in March 2011. And so eccentric hairstylist entered the world of fashion.

- Then we worked together for 10 years. Robert stylized hairstyles for different productions and television advertising, was dealing with, but I did not think that you end up acting together in the fashion business - says Anna Borowska, business partner Kupisz at Art Works, Robert Kupisz brand management.

- I refused, when he came out with a proposal that can we start to work together in fashion. I then your film project. But I promised to help if anything collapsed - says Borowska. And that's how it happened. He called just before the first show. - He needed help because he had a collection, in which he put a lot of savings, and the hall - and nothing more. A few days organized everything: sponsors, contracts, invitations, prepared a show - lists Borowska. Their first show was a great success.(

Logo image

You buy from a child dreamed of designing. - After art school I should go straight to the Academy of Fine Arts, on the design. But I finished pedagogy - he recalls.

Already in college he founded his own business - a dance school (a professional dancer). - But really all the time I wanted to be a designer. I've been doing costumes for dancers, also dressed yourself and your friends - says Kupisz.

After ten years, he moved to London. There took up a new field: styling hair. - It was another profession that I was coming to fashion design - he says. - It was a good step, because very soon I started working in fashion and got to know the environment. And then I started to design her first collection. That was six years ago. And five years ago, just with Anna did the first show.

- After the show invited me to Lancz and reiterated his proposal of cooperation. No longer do I refused, I then created a company - says Borowska. - Robert often said: "we are the show business: I'm a show, Ania is business." Had a great complement.

All shows have a brand motto. Heroes (with the famous t-shirt with an eagle), Wanted, Fair Play, Gangsta or last, shown a few days ago a collection Ocean 5. Ideas for clothes, music, stage design, even gait models and models with each other ripped.

- I am very conscious of building performances. For me this is very important - explains the designer. - I worked Krzysiek Warlikowski at the opera in Paris and did his big theater. Carefully I watched how to build spectacle - tension, excitement. Shows to be such spectacles - he adds.

Since the beginning of the notes characteristic of the brand logo. - How did you chose to art school I was 14-15 years old, and it seemed to me that I painted pictures. I found that I can not simply sign Robert Kupisz. I must have original signature - says the designer.

- I was playing your name and put them in three characters: Q - you know, it came out with math. I was looking for yet, what close "s." And since then we all had a Russian, it was Russian and so created my logo - says Kupisz. - Even at the start I signed it my clumsy paintings. As I returned to the design I realized that it will be a great brand logo: a graceful, has nice graphics in itself and you can put them on the label, on the button - adds.

Direction: Germany

You buy soon opened the original store in Warsaw. Then they arose three more - again in Warsaw and Gdynia and Poznan. The opening of the boutique, having approx. 60 square meters. it cost approx. 250 thousand. zł. He is also co-operating six stores where You buy a major brand - two in Katowice, Rzeszow, Krakow, Wroclaw and Kielce. The company also has its own online store.

- The first three years we grew impossibly fast. At the beginning up to 100-200 percent. month - says Anna Borowska. The company employs approx. 30 people. But the preparations for the show works even 100-120 people. You buy both and Borowska often stress that the effects of the company are the result of work of the whole team. In 2015. Art Works revenues amounted to 8.5 million zł.

- All the clothes are sewn only in Poland. Most of the materials come from Polish, some are produced especially for us. Only part of the fabric is, eg. From Spain, Portugal and leather from Italy - lists Borowska.

The company thinks about development. Polish market for luxury clothing, although growing, is still quite limited. The solution is to go abroad. - Very intensively we are working on it. The first direction is Germany. We go there in July - reveals Borowska. - Do not plan your living room, we multibrand boutiques.(

On entering the German market has reserves of 0.5 million zł. Expenses are expected to include, among others, trips to fairs, preparation of brochures, assistance with the selection of premises, advertising.

- We think also of the US, so it was great and very complicated market and that the US seriously occur you need to open a branch there. It is also a big financial effort, for which we are not yet ready - adds co-owner of Art Works. - In the case of the US, and the world we reach through our online shop and the platform we work with.

Clothing market in Poland has potential

The value of spending on clothes and shoes in Poland is approx. 20 billion zł. In ostatnichlatach slightly but steadily growing.

The research company PMR shows that spending on clothes in 2015. Made 91 percent. Poles.


Usually buy clothes in branded stores in shopping malls - the answer was given by 60 percent. respondents. Other popular clothing sales channels to markets or internet - pointed them at 19 percent. respondents. On the Polish market is dominated by a Common Interface Network. When asked about the names of shops where you usually buy clothes, most consumers mentioned by H & M - 21 per cent. And 17 per cent. Reserved indicated. According to PMR, the results are similar to those received in the previous two editions of the study. In March of 2016. The number of chain stores was 5 percent. higher than a year earlier.