The coordinated chosen morning are motivated by several reasons. They are pieces that look good, that suit the day it will face, highlighting the mood or have a special meaning. Also weighing on the choice, they are - not always consciously - fashion trends. In this territory, brands play particular role, but are the celebrities who takes them by the hand to the mass consumption.

For good or ill, a number of trends that should thank the stars like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears or Rihanna - at least 10, according to Refinery29 portal.

cropped pants

The cropped pants (ending at the ankle line) - jeans included - are not new. Audrey Hepburn wore pants capri already in the mid-1950s.

The look had its rebirth in the spring of 2015, when it appeared on the catwalks of Chanel, Thom Browne, The Row and Miu Miu - a year later, the trend shows no signs of slowing down. And, despite having been adopted by several celebrities - Solange Knowles Jessica Alba - it is impossible to pinpoint a single charge of its arrival in the mainstream, given the ubiquity.(formal dresses australia)



There is something infinitely female in a coordinated that house two parts - the matchy-matchy designated - especially in the summer when the tops are cropped pencil skirts. This trend dates back to the 70s came up with Taylor Swift in 2014, the modernized.


The cap was originally brought to the fore by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie at the beginning of the reality show "The Simple Life." The trend only survived about three years, but after many sleeping winters caps are back. Kylie Jenner, who seems determined not to let die the 2000s, published several "selfies" on Instagram in which rematava coordinated with Von Dutch models.


Monochromatic looks were successful in 2015 and, indeed, responsible for the popularity of coordinated a tone was socialite Kim Kardashian. When I was pregnant with their first son, Kim attended the fashion weeks in black coordinated and after pregnancy, followed by the cream (see The custard cream), red and white - who took care of specialized medium.

celebridades1Denim on denim

Coordinated full denim are already part of the fashion furniture, but something special happened in 2001. The famous couple formed by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake decided to bet on the total coordinated denim on the red carpet of the American Music Awards.



The 1990s are back and force. Proof of this, the revival of the decade is not limited to clothing and also extends to accessories. In this segment, the chockers are the subject of interesting interpretations and responsible for submitting wires glued to the neck, in the 90 years was the actress Drew Barrymore, whose style, moreover, serves as chest to many other notes of the decade.(short formal dresses)

skinny jeans

Before the modern era, the skinny jeans were embraced by rock gods and rebels, but not necessarily by the fashion world. In the late 2000s, the skinny jeans came to be considered one look "hipster", reserved for the wardrobe of young creatives who embraced the retro fashion. The arrival of the piece to the mainstream, however, is something you can thank Kanye West.

Leather jacket

The leather coats were introduced by motorcyclists clubs, for reasons of utility and comfort. And then the good rebels started using them. Names like Elvis Presley, James Dean or Johnny Depp lent him the status that the piece has today, adding a dose of boldness to any coordinated. When women started using this piece, it happened - it was a signature style that eluded the rules.

In the 80s and 90s, leather coats took punk account and rock, but only reached the mainstream when taken as part of the elected look like models Cara Delevingne.

celebridades2Botas over-the-knee

The models that today are almost all women's wardrobes were officially introduced in the movie "Pretty Woman" (1990), Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts). However, only in 2013 the world saw the birth of the trend that lives above the knee. Feet (and legs) Rihanna was a model that now controls the coordinated many women.

Recently, over-the-knee boots renewed their desire to object status also at the hands of the singer, with the presentation of "Denim Desserts" collection, the result of a partnership with designer Manolo Blahnik.

oversized coats

In recent years, the twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen lent credibility to several fashion trends, beyond those that show on the catwalk of The Row.


One is the feminine approach to men's fashion, passing by introducing oversized coats in coordinated women. The Olsens always used large parts and in 2014-2015, began to parade an amazing collection of coats and semi-structured in the streets of New York.