The size model Susel Gonzalez has started from the premise that suggests that diversity is wealth to plan your next project. Gonzalez is the organizer of a parade by the diversity of sizes that will take place next June 19 at 19:00 in the disco Moom 57 (Paseo de Ronda, 57) with the aim of raising funds for food bank A Coruña.(

In order to put aside the stereotypes existing in the world of fashion, they will cross the catwalk "professional models with sizes ranging from 34 to 46," a heterogeneity that gives this parade of a character "pioneering" by "distinguished from most diverse sizes parades in which only participate size models", as stated by the organizer of the event.

La modelo Susel González.

The model explains that the idea of ​​allocating this new initiative to the food bank started its participation in a charity calendar for ADANER Association against anorexia and bulimia, a collaboration that led her to set "that there are many ads for people who they have needs outside, but here in Spain there are also people who have nothing to eat. "

Models participating in this parade as diverse as joint lead clothing "casual style" Signature Shop Albany; party dresses( Dreams Dresses Store; Inspiration lingerie shops and Haberdashery Boutique Sensual Illusion and wedding dresses designed by Ana Barril. LV signature shoe Vogue and the hairdresser will address Bouzas Dew will do the same with hairstyles and makeup of all models. The clothing of the male models run by the designer Felix Ramiro, winner of Golden Thimble 2015. Participants in the parade they will "free".


The event will be hosted by actress Marta Doviro Pazo family and Galician monologuista David Noya, and will feature live performances by various artists of the Galician music scene. Tickets to attend this parade may be acquired for a price of five euros in any of the establishments collaborating participants wearing models.