It is said that the greatest happiness is when what you love, you can turn in your job because you spend your whole life in the game. And it thus boasts a stylist, costume designer, and the last couple of years and designer Marija Cvitanović. From love of fashion has made a successful business, and the last business move in a series is very fruitful collaboration with the textile industry Pounje of Croatian Kostajnica, which was once the brand Blue Flower dictated fashion trends in the region in the range of women's day and night services. And at the time of marriage with a successful football player Igor Cvitanović, Mary has never been the wife of the shadows. His is a fashion story began as Gloria's assistant and stylist, she continued as a private stylist, and costume designer on a number of national series, a crowning career is her own fashion brand.

A partnership project of Mary fashion brand Mark M and Pounje bore the past two excellent collections, and the last, in which the designer found inspiration in the golden age of Hollywood, will be presented at this year's Fashion Week, which begins on Friday.

- Mark M Pounje opens this year's Fashion Week. Last year we presented at Fashion Week with the first collection, and now we'll show you another, for the upcoming season. I am very happy because I was inspired by the golden age of Hollywood, which is in my opinion was the ideal of femininity, as well as actresses such as Jean Harlow or Rita Hayworth. If we recall scenes from the films of the time, most clothing was just such a feminine negligees and nightdresses that easily can be and dresses( for day and evening variant - explains Marija Cvitanović.

A multi-functionality was the guiding principle of Mary when she was creating her new collection.

- At the present time, and missing the true femininity. Prior to that, the more grip, it was ladies' and glamorous. I must note that even it's not the financial possibilities, because all nightgowns, negligees and pajamas from my new collection certainly can be worn as outerwear. That was my goal, and that's why my new collection has two lines; Basic, which is cotton and the price affordable and Vintage Glamour dominated silk and viscose, but there are a lot of identical models - story designer, adding that the new collection just what she would like to wear, but they negligees wearable as dresses, pajamas all length as cotton or silk trousers, a classic of clothing separated by only designs or lace.

Markets still has

Feminine pieces reminded, he says, at a time when the Blue Flower dictated trends in women's underwear.

- I've always been pretty things that she wore my mother. My generation still remembers Pounje, but my younger sisters and a younger generation do not. So I Pounje Director Tihomir Babic asked why it's gone. Although it was initially thought that there was no market for such a thing, it turned out that this is not true. There is room for a product that is competitive, quality and good design. That's a little over a year ago started our cooperation - recalls Marija Cvitanović.

Although this alone would never have said, Marija Cvitanović lifted Pounje from the ashes and revive the local production, and despite predstečajnoj settlement the textile industry again takes up the domestic market, where it is from and cooperation with the department store for us.

- I would be glad Pounje restore the former glory and, I must admit, has the potential for it, and the production is getting better - he admits.

Well, do it all avoid that Mary was not Cvitanović 2012 ventured to start their own fashion brand. On his birthday on September 28 this year in the restaurant Dubravkin time held a promotion of their first collection.

As he says, it was perhaps a logical sequence after a successful career stylist and costume designer.

- As a costume designer in the domestic series, I worked for five years. However, it is difficult to work without a break, regardless of the love of the job. It was one big team in sectors wardrobe with a lot of communication with the actors, and everyone sees itself in a different way. But mostly I had a positive experience. However, at one point me this job tired and decided to take a break. And as I before actresses often creating her dresses for promotion and various other events, it may have been a kind of a first step in my design - says Maria.

Dresses have always been her favorite item of clothing, but she was curious regarding the design. It has always been, hard, careful thought about what she would like to wear, but in the summer of 2011 threw the drafting of its first model.

- When I started sketching, information related to the production just started coming to me. This always happens when razbuktaš universe, everything starts. From a small idea came to what was the point. They started researching where it produces, what it takes to make a brand, but it is not easy, especially at a time when I began. To begin with I hired a design team to come up with a brand name, but in the end I came up with myself playing with his name - says the designer.

However, experience with the design had before, and it was a sports equipment, in particular that of exercise.

- Suppose I wanted tracksuit what I could buy, and so I created a little bit and men's and women's sportswear, and Croatia still lacks domestic sports brands - says Maria.

In general, he says, domestic textile industry really pulled from the market, and is a long sought a place for production.

- More 2011 I began to look for a place to work my first collection, and that the quality of present and in the production and construction. In Krapina I found the person who helped me and in a year I did a lot of models. They were not all good, because I love the multi-functionality of the fabric and the model, and I wanted my dress( to be recognizable. The production process has changed a few counties and worked in Krapina and Sisak me because my idea led to the area where the textile industry keeps county, and we all know, for example, Varteks and Siscia - witness Mary.

styled friends

The first of its collection consisted of a model that she herself wanted to wear, but also the one in which she would like to see the people around you.

- The first collection was what I live. The promotion had my creations worn by actresses with whom I worked, that we are the best models, and is the forefront Bojana Gregoric. Well, let's say one of the collection in which the material of the prevailing boucle attracted business women and many politicians - he recalls.

A whole of her fashion story began back in 2000 when the then husband Igor Cvitanović returned from Spain. Very quickly followed by a call Gloria editor Dubravka Tomeković Aralice and Mary got his column "Trend report Mary Cvitanovic".

- I was surprised Dubravkin call, but I always wanted to realize themselves and not be in her husband's shadow. It does not matter whether you a housewife or a designer, you should be better, and no job is not easy. After my column, I began working privately as a stylist, so they followed and stajlinzi for commercials and music videos and the thing is launched. Well, it is, when I think, always been in me. I always helped my friends to choose what to wear to go out and have always loved it - recalls Mary. A love of aesthetics soon be merged with and talent for entrepreneurship. Work on television demanded the entire production, and in 2002 in Martićeva Street opened her beauty salon Colette.

complete treatment

- My salon is a hair, beauty, offers a complete face and body, complete beauty studio, which I was part of a job. If you're not a hairdresser, it is difficult to have a salon, even though I was in different circumstances on the set accepted and scissors. However, it does require training and for this I have my Renata - says Maria.

And when it comes to Colette, designer went a step further, however, and its new partnership with the brand Keune good blend with that of the Pounje.

- New line of Pure Keune is completely natural, which fits with Pounje and natural materials I work with. Here begins a new story with a salon that has become a house of fashion and style. All we refresh, but now in the salon and have models from her new collection, which is on the spot can try, although there are not for sale. They can be purchased in stores Pounje, and Name as it fits me that retro moment where in one place you have everything - she told.

to her entrepreneurial spirit never rests, Marija Cvitanović soon launches its Web page Mark M.


- On that page will be able to find all the products Pounje, Brands M, hair products, but other brands that are not mine, but I wanted to show you how to wear them. For example, there will be an explanation of how negligee transformed into an item of clothing for a walk or an evening out - announced the designer.