The inauguration of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week began yesterday an hour before the models paraded by Hall 8 of the Montjuïc exhibition showing elegant designs Rosa Clara. The guests occupy the first row were left portray photocall, mostly dressed stone from the collection of designer party, and also gives us some nice statements. It is the case of WAG Messi and Cesc Rocuzzo Antonella and Daniella Semaan, friends and regular parade, which even sported tight curves and sharp on huge heels.

The explosive Cindy Kimberly Young, however, talked and laughed a lot (a lot), but clearly not quite answer questions about her relationship with Justin Bieber virtual (which saw a picture on his Instagram and asked his followers that helped to find it). From anonymity to stardom in no time: "Just now I realize all that has happened." "I would like to work as an actress and model," said the beautiful eyes and Denia huge lips, who has signed for the agency Models One and lives in Barcelona.(wedding party dresses)

This week is also among us the new Miss World, born in Barcelona. "The title is still an unforgettable experience not to stop traveling the world with charity projects. One day I wake up in Mumbai, the other in London and later in Los Angeles, "explains Mireia Lalaguna this newspaper, nice and relaxed. Such route also serves to introduce the world where it comes from ( "Barcelona is very gratifying to mention that most people tell you it is a city that already know") and makes it difficult to finish the race pharmacy although only missing four months. "Now it's impossible." Miss Barcelona, ​​23 and green eyes, said to appear in the competition came in motion while working as a model and did not want to lose the opportunity to do new things. It was the inauguration of the bridal runway "to support fashion" but without any intention of buying white dress. "I have promised!" He said without hesitation.

Among the familiar faces there were Melissa Jimenez, partner Marc Bartra, actress Ana Fernandez and the beautiful Eugenia Silva, who came very fair time despite the image of the 2017 collection of cocktail clear. Photographers to portray piled into the front-row. Even the prestigious Manuel Outumuro crossed the phone to immortalize the moment. Beside him sat Dani Alves with a white tuxedo and starred in the story of the parade smile and spend a finger over his lips when his fiancee Joana Sanz passed by before him dressed as a bride. This week the player has opened restaurant in Barcelona Botec Fogo, with his inseparable friend Chef João Alcântara.

The canary model, which has long marches to clear, yesterday received a place of honor in the exits, which headed the Instagram Alexis Ren, a young looking quite normal but with a beautiful body that has become popular to travel with his love for everyone and it portrays. In the first exit Ren wearing a silk crepe design fluid silhouette with big belly and chest lacing tulip tub which was followed by other variations of this style. Some overlaid with peplum, with deep opening leg, coated with crop top with wide neckline on the back embroidered or jeweled with silver thread ... Then came the designs of wide skirts and tulle body whipped in the manner of Grace Kelly. At the entrance to the exhibition can see the wedding dress Ensesa Carmen, who asked Pedro Rodriguez in 1952 in the same style airs New Look and preserved in a box with black pepper.

The Minister Jordi Baget and wife of Albert Rivera, Beatriz Tajuelo also attended the first of 20 parades will be until Friday Pronovias giant closed the year 2016 and passed the baton to the lounge, which concentrate over 20,000 wedding proposals.


Today opens the gateway designs Merche Segarra for Jesus Peiro, inspired by the wedding cake. The dresses( are sweet (could it be otherwise) to the body tight with soft lace and a silhouette that grows in the foothills. There is glitter and crystal effect with powder sugar. A Peiro will follow the young designer Cristina drummers, which debuted last year. You have chosen a profession that lends itself to joke with his father, Ramon drummers Divorce lawyer: "The daughter marries and descasa father." Then they will Yolan Cris brides, Inmaculada García Isabel Sanchis party. The day will end with the star of the week, the designer Naeem Khan.