Given the lively cadence in which fashion works, the struggle for uniformity is not usually the final game of a designer. In recent years, however, men have adopted a defined elegant and casual uniform not the shape or silhouette nor defer to the better judgment of their wives, but only one color: blue.

In particular, a specific amalgam has gained importance in the closets of men: the pale blue shirt and navy jacket or coat (the latter sometimes replaced by a round neck sweater navy blue).(formal wear)

Faced with a wardrobe of different options, the mix of pale blue and navy blue is easy and largely harmless part. Recent menswear collections are showing that this development is gaining ground. Designers prestigious brands Calvin Klein, Burberry, Dior and Louis Vuitton have been keen to usher in a blue period is quite bright and bold (celestial blue read, powder blue, ultramarine, blue elderly and so on).

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Of course no one expects all these looks people adopt wholesale, but the introduction of a slightly bolder blue is a change that could have a big impact. Meanwhile on the catwalks, the SS15 collection Junya Watanabe was almost exclusively blue, highlighting their traditional patches in a beautiful collision of striking designs and rectangular panels.

However, out like a canvas Yves Klein or may not be the concept that we all have a modest elegance, especially for evening events.

"If I get invited to a gala night, definitely would wear(Formal Dresses Perth) a blue suit midnight (dark)," says the Italian designer Brunello Cucinelli. "But if the occasion was more informal, and maybe in the day, I would opt for a more colorful blue, even mixing different shades."

For a lesson in how to wear shades of blue at night, just look at George Clooney, who often opt for a dark suit and blue shirt.

Darren Skey, director of menswear at Harvey Nichols in London, believes that the success of a monochromatic look is based on the ability of the person to combine well layers of textures.

"Many brands are focusing on a layered three levels incorporating technical and design details. So a mixture of short and long rough, fabrications and textures create a much more interesting variant, "says Skey.


"The dark blue over dark blue is a very elegant and sophisticated look, as long as you define the layers with different shades and textures."