A girl next door. But hungry curiosity, to know, eager to update its daily world. A world of simplicity, true things, authentic. Such as family, love, friendship, respect for others, solidarity, work. Three years into the homes of Italians with Forum, the transmission of Channel 5 happened, where they are brought to the attention of important issues and also the everyday dramas. Valeria Altobelli, born in 1984, was born in Sora, is one of the faces of TV, film, fashion, entertainment whose Ciociaria can be proud. And the Ciociaria, to his city, to its origins, is tied and never give up a landscape of green, flowers, fresh air, silence and reflection.

Your work often leads to travel and to live in Rome, but his land is the most beautiful place of refuge and focus to find herself and the right inspiration to write poems, songs, thoughts. A young mother and wife full of vitality, energy, desire to give smiles and do something concrete for those who need just a word of comfort. Solidarity and altruism are some of the strengths that distinguish it.(http://www.dressesmallau.co/formal-dresses-c119/)

Engaged in social work, is sunny, beautiful, smart, has a thirst for culture, music, and informing and always keep studying to keep up with the times, with the innovations, with an ever-changing world.

Its strength is the family, parents, sister, and more than six years her husband Simone Venier, Olympic rower of Sabaudia, and four son Joel. A diploma at high school in Sora, a degree in legal sciences with honors with 110, a master's degree in law (always with 110 and praise!) And a great passion for languages. Valeria speaks English, French and Spanish. The training acquired in the time allowed it to be realized in many professional fields, and to engage in what he loves, and he believes in, such as music, sports, cinema, fashion.

Although it is not easy, Valeria manages to fit into her life different interests and commitments, synchronizing without giving up anything and without, above all, to miss his support and his presence in the joy of his life, Joel, who dedicates himself his spare time, and the man who did understand the true meaning of love. For Valeria life is like a magic cylinder from which to pull out what you need at the right time.

Among his music passions. He started as a teenager to study and to play the piano and guitars. He then studied with opera singing, served as a chorister in different artists, including Anna Tatangelo, she Sora. Her beauty, her charm and especially her intelligence and her sensitivity led her to be the ambassador of Italy in the contest of Miss World. Also exciting participation in Miss Italy, as well as events, presence as a testimonial to the thickness events with famous guests, the conference presentations, congresses. A little over a month is also in theaters with the film "Tiramisu" by Fabio De Luigi.

He loves his city, loves his people and among the upcoming projects there are also surprises that will see it under a different guise protagonist in its territory. A land of which he is proud and proud. We met.

The interview

Fashion, television, music, cinema ... in which order positions them?

"Music, film, television and fashion. I started with the music for me is the most noble and sacred art. Brings you in contact with the infinite, it's you and the expression is total freedom, it makes you yourself. I first started playing the piano and then the guitar. I continued to study opera singing by then touring with various artists .... "

Faults and virtues of Valeria ...

"I'd like that one told the people who know me. However, starting from the defects ... I can not say no, they are stubborn and sometimes indecisive on the choices to be made. Strengths? Sunny disposition, predisposition towards others, sense of duty, extreme curiosity for knowledge and thirst for learning. "

Elegant or casual?

"I'm not a middle ground. Often, to work, I have to dress(http://www.dressesmallau.co/prom-dresses-c391/) elegant. I love to be always in a suit, with jeans and sneakers. "

One of the best memories of your childhood?

"Among the most beautiful surely there are those related to my grandparents in the countryside, the fields, the animals, the trees, the cherry trees in bloom. Picked cherries from me like a monkey that climbed on trees. My maternal grandfather, who unfortunately is no more, he taught me to ride a scooter, motorbike, tractors. Another memory I carry in my heart is tied to the birth of my sister. I was not very good as a baby and my mother did not give birth to another son. But I was wondering constantly a little sister, was my great desire. That July 4, 1990, the day she was born Danila, I remember it as if it were a world victory. "

And your adolescence?

"The best memories are linked to music, friends and sport. Unforgettable moments when I began to study classical singing and then to play. To bring the piano was impossible, but the guitar was often with me. I strummed in the company of friends. The first one I bought with the money earned working as a backing vocalist. With friends I shared so many emotions and oratorio work. We often found ourselves in front of the church. Even the passion for theater began when I was a teenager, like the one for the sport. Often they came to take in high school for sports trips, I did a lot of athletics competitions. "

What is for Valeria love?

"You leave the other totally free to choose and put it in position to do so. If a choice is made in complete freedom, without possession and coercion, then it means that it was made out of love. "

How do you spend your leisure time?

"I spend with my son. Joel is very similar to me. I see already brought in foreign languages, learn English and see that appreciates music in an intuitive and interior, is well prepared. "

Sea or mountain?

"Mountain. I love the green, walks, runs, the trees, the animals. "

Do you like cooking?

"A lot. I like to cook even though I always have little time. When I do, though, I get excellent results. I really enjoy cooking for others, I believe that this is an act of altruism. In particular, I like to prepare the first courses, the homemade pasta that my grandmother taught me, and the sweet. "

And to keep yourself so fit you do?

"I do not follow any diet. But I am a lover of meat and vegetables, but at the same time not giving up anything. I am a mangiona and often tell me that I eat like a man. I think the food is key to happiness. "

You've been a "nerd"?

"Swot no, yes model student. I was not totally closed on the books, I was doing so many activities. At home it did not take much to fix what they studied in class. I would wake up early in the morning to brush up. I still remember the report card last year of high school, all of ten, just a nine to mathematics ".

How important is the friendship? Have you ever felt betrayed or disappointed?

"Like everyone I have had disappointments but with time have been clarified. You also need to know how to forgive. I'm lucky to have so many friends, even among colleagues with whom I share humanitarian projects and charities. "

You have a beautiful family and an extraordinary child. Can you describe the day of your wedding?

"We had invited about a thousand people. I wanted them all alike, dressed in white. We were on a beautiful beach in Sabaudia. They were all waiting for me as I came down the dunes with ten girls who have shared with me the Miss World experience and who came to see me from all over the planet. All dressed alike. It was not clear who the bride and the guests who, I did exactly the same and we all lived happily a party. My mother, when she learned from my cousin that I would be married and barefoot on the beach, he said, "Valeria, but are you crazy?". But that day I will never forget his happiness, that in the eyes of my father and my grandmother. I do not wear white since he was missing my grandfather, being ciociari we have enough strong traditions. See, then, my beautiful mother, brunette, dressed in white and my grandmother barefoot on the beach running after my son was a great joy. I want to cry just to think about. And it was gorgeous, pure. And more than a wedding was the presentation of my son who maybe had not had the opportunity to know him. Joel had already half a year and in the arms of my father took our wedding rings on a white cushion. "

How Valeria when it's not on television?

"It's the same person. I belong to that category of disillusioned that he can not change, they are the same and continue to live, to work for me is part of life. I laugh, make jokes, joking, singing in off the air, and I talk to my colleagues. "

Have you ever gone through difficult times?

"Immediately after graduation. It was like fall on deaf ears. On the one hand a health problem, which I then resolved, the other the existential. They helped me a lot the sport and a person, the father of my sister's boyfriend. I remember that passed me up and took me to run, or to sing, and it reminded me of who he really Valeria. At the same time also a dear friend of mine, I have in my heart always. Obviously the family was beside me. "

That experience was the film "Tiramisu"?

"A beautiful experience. Fabio De Luigi is a great professional, really smart, which has a critical eye towards reality like all comedians. I was fine with him and John Esposito. Inter de Luigi is like me, so we talked a lot about our Inter. It was my second film for the big screen after that shot with Lillo & Greg. "

We saw you years ago in a video of a song by Gigi D'Alessio ...

"Yes, I was the main character in the video of the song" The love that there is not. ' "

You have also worked as a backing vocalist for Anna Tatangelo. What is your relationship with her?

"Beautiful. Anna is a cheerful girl, we were often together to play table football in his home and went out together in our Sora. Then we got a bit 'lost sight but we continue to exchange text messages. "

What did you want to be?

"What I'd like even now, the rock star. A dream, who knows if it will happen ... There are people who graduate at ninety, maybe I'll become rock stars to seventy, who can say .... "

Tell us about the experience of Miss World and Miss Italy ...

"They were strong emotions. For Miss World have been two months in China alone, I was nineteen. "

What is beauty?

"As Oscar Wilde said beauty can save the world. I would add that the inner beauty can still save more. "

What advice would you give to girls who want to become part of the entertainment world, the fashion, the television?

"Studying much. It seems a frivolous world but in reality remains who has much to say. I say to put everything in your hat magic, because we never know when we may need talent pushed aside; maybe the opportunity comes when you do not expect. And on that occasion you have to bring out the best in you. "

During your journey you have had the opportunity to know and work well with people from the world of entertainment, music and well-known television ...

"The first that comes to mind is Filippo, Nek, with whom I shared a journey of faith. I met him during a charity dinner. Another beautiful friendship is the one with Lillo. His humanity is disarming, an ever cheerful person, available to everyone. At the professional level Palombelli Barbara, a great professional who has taught me so much. I really appreciate her way of working, it is a great woman. "

For three years you are in the family of Forum ...

"We tell so many problems in the Forum, but the thing that strikes me is the reality that exceeds the imagination of light years. Sometimes when we're telling a story that seems absurd, it still another comes from home "stronger." The fact that you can open with us, and not only in anonymous form, is really nice. It means that this is a first step to be able to address the problems and even telling them to win them. "

How and where did you meet your husband?

"We got to know where we got married on the beach in Sabaudia. We had 26 years; I took the sun with a friend, he went down after training with his team. We got to know, we feel and popular, everything calmly. The sea did the rest. "

Last question. Tell us about your projects ...


"The association of solidarity to which I'm working is the first thing in my heart. Then there will be summer events and the presentation of the literary prize to the island of Elba. On May attend the game show "Free Fall" by Gerry Scotti on Channel 5. And then again in September arrange the appointment with the sports fair in Sora. There will be many new features, as well as guests and concerts. Finally a surprise ... You will see me in a different guise, always in the world of communication, in my area, because I believe so much that my Sora is a special city as a whole Ciociaria ".