Recently often you against the trends, brands and designers everywhere you need in abundance brought together in this article. If you also want to be aware of what is happening in the fashion world soon to check out this article on five critical!

Alessandro Michele: Gucci's creative director for two years. poetic brought to fashion and trends with romantic viewpoint is one of the pioneers.

Athleisur to: the name given to the trend to be worn in different environments, especially outside gym clothes such as yoga tights produced for the sport. Athleisur comes at the beginning of the last period, the most popular fashion trends.(best formal dresses)

Ankle boot: the full name of ending ankle boots. The models of these boots summer scalloped windows to capture a rebel air wearing under the dress is very popular.

Bucket Bag: shoulder straps, neck of the name given to the bag in the form of pleated bag. In the nineties, and these bags it is very popular in the early 2000s thanks to Mansur Gavriel returned quickly to our lives.


Choker: The most popular accessory of recent months. Longitudinal exactly the way the seats in about two fingers thick, the new generation of necklaces made of velvet or satin fabric. In fact, often used in 90 of these accessories is indispensable today.

Crop ball: Belly of a short blouse or T-shirt, leaving the name of deficit. This trend to tighten the abdominal muscles or extra high-waisted trousers or a skirt requirement.

Clogs: wooden heels, slippers nurse clogs the name given to the species like slippers.

Denim-on-denim: Denim pants or skirts with tops to wear denim trend. I can type denim jacket with shorts on a cool evening in the supply-i stature. In the winter you can spend this current denim shirt and denim to life the most powerful and sophisticated way with a coat cashmere pants you at the top.

Espadrilles: This season the heyday of the living over cotton fabric, base shoes made of straw. In particular, it needs to connect the wrist and slightly wedge models, which is experiencing a golden age this season.

karjenn is: Kardashian and Jenner family called. Especially with the fashion world dominated by super-luxury brand that close contact, and the Kardashian-Jenner family with the changing trends that shape the beauty of hair and makeup every day is worth the short name to keep in memory.

Mom jeans: the name of the popular high waist mother of our time can be understood, loose cut, slightly short leg denim trousers name given. A few seasons, this model is very popular to combine it with a short denim blouse or shirt for men.

No make-up make-up: None appears as the type of makeup. Thin and hiding in a low tone only natural BB cream or foundation makeup is made with a skin time to add a lipstick already has overtaken even the popular contouring techniques.(EVENING DRESSES)

Off-shoulder shoulder blouse or dress given to leave the exposed names.

Vetements: Balenciaga's new creative director of French origin Gvasalia Demn the brand. Especially with inspiration taken from the street fashion brand continues its amazing rise later entered the Paris Couture Week calendar.


X-Ray Fabrics: Transparent, but changed the name given to the type of fabric reflects light in different sparkle.