For a perfect look, all the new trends of Fashion Women's Spring-Summer 2016 Miuccia Prada, for instance, has given clear indications of styling: you have to dress(Front Slit dresses) in layers even under direct sunlight. The head to aim for is a valuable "apron".

The spring-summer 2016 fashion shows has unleashed the craze jeans. Suits and overalls are among the leaders of the coolest but also skirts, pants, jackets and big news: the suit pajamas cut man and woman. This practical fabric next summer you will also bring in total look version with laser cut heart-shaped or revisited in couture key.

moda donna primavera estate 2016

The overalls clothes, rich in buckles and straps that cross behind the back are very trendy for fashion spring summer. Styling that recalls a bit 'vintage and a bit' experimental, including classical prints or polka dot colors and new fabrics and the summer time.

No shortage of fringe appeal, in fact for the next summer 2016 back in fashion the "fringe dress" with the Charleston model and cape poncho style 70 years, so it oscillates between the metallic fringes disc-night theme to Oversized mesh wire pulled from tricot clothes!

For a sensual effect and a game "I peek a boo" the network is proposed and revived by the fashion shows of 2016, from New York to Paris, or even in Milan: one goes from classic networks inspired by the fishing net to those most experimental realized in digital or 3D printing.(

It also seems that the white will dominate this year's fashion spring and summer, but especially the black and white tint: the top end up in polka-dot skirts geometrice bicolor, jackets with contrasting trim, coats with lapels black & white, checkered clothes and suits crossword style. For styling that recalls the burlesque return trendiest feathers! By mark of Victorian ladies, pop nuances with feathers applied in 3D.

Women's fashion spring-summer 2016 is already full of new trends, for more and look at the top!